Aurora - Project

The Project

The Aurora Project has one main focus: to satisfy its users. We do this by working as a tight knit unit and by exploring other avenues than just an ISO! We also have our Aurora Guides Project, our own installer which will work on any Debian based system, a simple ACPI and hardware control app known as Jupiter and many others to come! Aurora is a brand by which we can spread the good of Open Source to our friends and family without worry. Jump into the Aurora family and give back any way you can!

Current Projects

Aurora Gnome Edition

On the back of our final iso under the Eeebuntu brand we are happy to announce we are currently working on our first iso release under the aurora brand! We are hoping to release Aurora Beta 1 (EB4 b2) in the coming months to test our own installer, custom kernels, and much much more. Details will be spilt as time goes by on our blog and on the Aurora Gnome edition page

Aurora Gnome EditionBlog

Aurora Guides

Our ambition is to have brilliant guides, tutorials and information easily available to ALL of our users; either by pdf OR magazine! Great Documentation is what makes a system useable. You'll learn more and more about aurora guides and how to get yourself involved on the forums, team blog and the Aurora Guides portion of the site.

Aurora Guides


Exogenesis is our own in house installer : coded from scratch to provide the best features and simple installation possible! Exogenesis is fully capable of being used on any debian based system. You can get involved in developing exogenesis and adding new and useful features to it to aid your fellow users. More information on exogenesis and the power behind it on the exogenesis page.



Jupiter is our brilliant ACPI and hardware management tool. Its aim is to support all laptop and netbook acpi calls for function keys with little or no configuration. By default it should support a wide number of devices. We are constantly working on additions to support more and more devices so if you want to submit additions or find out what devices we are currently working on you can find out more information on the wiki and the jupiter page.