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Contribute to Aurora Guides

Aurora Guides is more than a magazine and tutorial for you to read. You can contribute! We are looking for community members who can write useful and clear guides on any subject you think is relevant to the Aurora community. All community guides will be made freely available as a PDF download from the site. The most popular will appear in the quarterly releases of “Aurora Guides”. We are looking for enthusiastic community members who can contribute in numerous ways.

We Need You!

Writers: The Bones of the operation. We need well written guides on a variety of subjects. We will suggest our ideas each quarter but feel free to play a wild card if you think it's clear enough and relevant to the community.

Artists: A White and black magazine isn’t much fun! We would love for your graphics art to fill the pages and decorate our articles…. If you have skills in using Gimp or Inkscape we would love you on board!

Editors: With a community driven magazine we need some proven members to step up and ensure a level of quality is attained with all of our guides. Preferable stills in desktop publishing will greatly aid as Aurora Guides is designed in the great open source app; Scribus.

Brainstormers: And the heart of the operation. We need you to request… suggest and confess what you think we should be putting in this magazine. Its designed for your convience so make sure its relevant to you.

First Steps:

To get involved please speak to us on the forums in the getting involved section. Over the coming weeks we will be looking at arranging a community discussion for input and ideas on the Guides project.