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"Aurora Guides is a free range of guides and a valuble resource for enthusiasts and those new to linux alike. With both developers and the community writing simple, straighforward guides to talk other through using Aurora to its full potiential. "

As Well as Being an Operating System; The Aurora Project also produces Aurora Guides a free online PDF magazine to help new and older users of Linux alike. These guides are full of details and step by step tutorials to understand how to perform routine tasks and get the most out of your Aurora System.

The Guides are Primarily written by our Support and Development Team but we do welcome guides provided by those in the community. All guides need to be well documented, Easy to follow and contain relevent screenshots. We also ask that Guides are written in a Magazine style format.

If you wish to help with our ambitious project to document aurora for all users alike then please speak up! We need a wide range of users with various skills so see our Contribute page for more details. We will be looking at holding meetings with the community in the coming weeks to work on the first batch of PDF based guides.

Help can be anything from requesting and voting for the best guides, Writing a Guide, Proofing Guides, Supplying Page Designs for PDF's and for the Quarterly Releases. If you are a member of a company or owner of a business and would like your adverts in the magazine please contact us to discuss further.

Every Quarter of the Year we aim to Produce a Magazine of all the Guides so far both in PDF format week by week and in magazine format. The magazines can be ordered individually or on a subscription style service. As well as the guides online we will also create reviews and other extra's within each magazine. Its always good to have a hard copy anyway!