Aurora - Beta Testing

Aurora Stable and Testing...

The Aurora Project is a "Rolling release" distribution : this means that we don't expect you to reinstall your whole system every 6 months to find something else is broken! Instead we offer systematic updates to your system when required. By default your system is configured with our "Stable" repositories. This means that you have our stable "Borealis" Core repository for system critical packages and our Application "Australis" repository for your Applications. Keeping these 2 repositories active will ensure you only receive stable and tested updates in "Service Packs" every few weeks.

If you enjoy using the latest software and testing your system on the Bleeding Edge its simple to do! We have Repositories setup for users to be able to test or run a fully stable ISO. Our application repositories are seperated from our core system so you can even mix the stable core with beta applications or stable applications with a testing core!

Its easy to switch to our testing repositories just open System > Administration > Software Sources . From here just add the following repositories to your "Third Party Sources" Tab

Application Testing Repository

This is were you can test and get the latest applications released and beta versions. We test all applications here before moving to stable to ensure compatibility.

deb main non-free contrib

All our updates to core packages (apart from critical security updates) are put into our testing repository first. Once we are happy they will not cause a regression or clear any bugs associated we will move the package to our stable repo.

deb main non-free contrib